Fashion Trends

Fashion trends for a long time do not contain anything fundamentally new, with this idea we have somehow got used to. All the main styles and key ideas in women’s clothing have been developed and tested many times in the twentieth century. And lately fashion has been offering us either something completely insane and unbearable, or another old songs in a new way, pepper old motifs. Pulling the familiar silhouettes on a globe of modernity.

But this year the designers have surpassed themselves in the level of borrowing.

They have not just once again picked up ideas from the experience of previous generations. No, they have returned to the sources entirely, from head to toe, from A to Z. To such fundamental, proven, repeatedly replicated images that you can safely return to a time machine somewhere in Paris in the 70s – and look there a very, very decent girl. Maybe even a little too decent.

All these stylistic solutions that we considered hopelessly outdated, all these short jackets over a tightly closed woolen dress, Smooth sweaters with modest skirts behind the knee, silk scarves around the neck, long collars of shirts, released on top of the sweater – it’s such a touching retro, so naphthalene, not relevant and ancient – though in a costume movie go to film.

Another fashion trend is sweaters with rhombuses.

A style that even the rural school’s peds council would have liked. Traditional British classics, which, like almost all British classics, has long been a classic of the world. And so reliably stuffed everyone that for some time these rhombuses appeared on the catwalks except on fashionable socks.

But this season, the rhombuses returned to where we used to see them decades ago – on sweaters and cardigans. These can be fantasy things, where traditional motifs with rhombuses are combined with complex cut. But there can also be absolutely predictable, banal and simple as household soap jackets in rhombuses. Who does not follow the fashion trends, may think that you are dressed in a second hand. How does he know that this “second hand” is now on all the catwalks.

Continues the fashion trends

The idea is not so old, but also has its roots half a century ago, in the 60s of the twentieth century. That’s when the most desperate Parisian fashionistas started wearing trouser suits. For that time it was a real revolution, so frankly men’s image of a woman was not broadcast then. Nowadays, pantsuits do not surprise anyone, women wear pants more often than skirts. And trouser suits are in fashion not the first year. So, if you have already bought one, you can safely wear it in the new season!

And if you are still just looking at the costumes, please note that the silhouettes become more fitting. Therefore, if in a few baggy free cut jackets, which were popular last season, you have not seen yourself, you can try such more feminine options. And also – you can just girdle your jacket. Belts and straps – one of the main trends of the season. It is fashionable to belt everything. Suits, dresses, sweaters, even coats.

The accentuated waist – maybe, the fashion trend number 1 of this year.

But do not hurry to put off the “male” silhouette in a long box. Accentuated, extended shoulders in the 80’s style also remain relevant. Designers go back to the old, well forgotten padded shoulders made of foam rubber. The shoulders are enlarged even on sweaters and knitted dresses. Wear a loose male cut jacket with wide shoulders of a strict suit fabric and add to it a dress with floral print and a motley skirt. And you – the star of the street-style.

Wonderfully blended into the fashion trends of satin silk.

Its noble glossy texture is responsible for the incredible popularity of combinations of dresses. They do not go out of summer fashion for several seasons in a row, and it seems that soon will acquire the status of the basic thing that is out of fashion.

And now the glossy satin has also reached the autumn-winter closet. You will ask how to wear it if you do not winter in the sunny warm edges? In our conditions, you can wear satin dresses as a bottom layer, combining them with long sweaters, cardigans, as well as with “men’s” jackets from the previous point.

Designers do not hesitate to fit shimmering gold fabrics into quiet, everyday images. They add gold skirts to everyday sweaters, and gold jackets to modest office skirts. You can do it too. As well as all your last year’s lurexes, paillettes, and all other types of shine and shine – they are still in fashion, you can wear them every day too, not waiting for a big party.

And who this season will surely have a holiday every day – it is those who love fashionable stockings and tights.

For a long time designers and fashionable gurus kept them in the status of a poor relative of a fashionable closet and without a shadow of a doubt offered women to walk with bare feet even in winter. Pretty stupid idea for our climate. In recent years, colored and openworked tights began to slowly return to the podiums.

But this season even the traditional translucent black tights, a favorite version of office workers, have been rehabilitated. And also in fashion tights in peas, leopard print and many other non-trivial colors. Maybe such fashionable solutions are too radical for most women. But the ability to wear ordinary black tights and not feel like a fashionable criminal, and feel, on the contrary, a stylish thing – priceless!

About fashionable prints.

Last season was a cage triumph, this season it is fashionable to combine several checkered prints in one outfit. The idea may not be to everyone’s taste and implement it on their own from those things that are already in the closet – the task is not easy. But ready-made solutions, where the designer has already mixed for you cells in good proportions and harmonious color scheme – can be a find. If you are ready for such fashion experiments.

Completes the list of fashion trends patchwork or, in our opinion, a patchwork quilt.

Dresses, sweaters and even coats, as if sewn from scraps and remains, different in color and texture, will be very popular this season. Of course, if your favorite style is minimalism, these fashion crazies are not for you. But connoisseurs of eccentric boho and just fans of experiments, I advise you to look at the patchwork.

One such sweater you can wear endlessly, combine it with simple jeans, romantic light skirts, satin dresses, classic pants from a pantsuit and many other different things. And always look stylish and acutated.

Isn’t it possible to run, break your head, to stores and buy all the fashion trends at once? Of course not. So far, you need to think about it all and digest. And then decide with what trends to go on a fashionable voyage, and which personally you should sit on the beach.