Fashion is changing rapidly, offering the world more and more new trends. But many of them go from season to season: animistic print, a combination of incompatible in one image, volumetric things, blurred ornament tie-dye and much more.

How do we know what they are – fashion trends in clothing in the spring ?

Shoulders overlay

Fashion experts say that they will stay in the closet for a long time. It is not only stylish, but also very reasonable for the owners of large hips. The overlay shoulders harmonize the silhouette, making it proportional and feminine. This method is used both in jackets and vests. Suit with bermuda
Bermuda shorts combined with a straight cut jacket is one of the most fashionable images of the current season. It is an excellent option for slim girls.

For meetings with friends and romantic walks you can choose popular prints: floral patterns, Hawaiian motifs, etc. A suit with discreet monochrome bermuda can be worn in the office. Complete the classic version with bright high heels shoes – and you will create an incredible evening ensemble.

Dress parachutes

Fashion trends in 2020 will please fans of oversize. Dresses parachutes must appear in the closets of modern fashionistas. In sleeves and skirts – in every detail of such a model a lot of volume. When walking, the dress looks even more airy. Despite its dimensionlessness, it will look feminine and elegant due to the presence of fashionable ruffles and the choice of fresh colors.

Total Denim

Denim clothing is rightly considered the most comfortable and comfortable. And also, wearing denim, any woman looks a few years younger. Denim things can be worn anywhere: from the office to the restaurant. They look really stylish and do not go out of fashion for the season. In spring and summer 2020 you will be the most fashionable if you choose “total denim” – jackets, shirts, pants, skirts and dresses made of denim fabric.

Strict black and white cell

The victorious procession of the cell continues in 2020. Color combinations can be very different, but the absolute leader is the harmony of white and black. Strict and elegant cage is ideal for business and everyday images. This type of print looks very successful on dresses.

Bright skin

Leather clothing has long ceased to be associated with rockers and bikers. Stylish women’s images without thin leather things are hard to imagine. Jackets, skirts, capes and pants are made of this material. The trend of 2020 is brightness. In rich color leather clothing you will be exactly at the height.

Top over clothing

The wave of the 90s is experiencing a second birth, which means that the multi-layered and conceptually in fashion again. Embody this idea in life by choosing a shortened shirt top or corset with a T-shirt. This stylish move will make the image more playful and bold.

Ultra deep notches

Deep neckline is fashionable, bold and sexy. The neckline can be of any shape. At the peak of popularity this season, there are square and asymmetric necklines. They complement dresses, cardigans, sweatshirts and blouses and look great in everyday and evening fashion. In order not to make the image look vulgar, you should not combine a deep neckline with a short bottom length.

Cardigans on a bare body

Voluminous things and clothing in the style of minimalism sometimes does not look as feminine as we would like. Fix it in this spring-summer season, wearing a cozy cardigan without underwear and a top. The trend is for models made of soft materials. It is good when the cardigan has a wide belt or a number of buttons.

Color tie-dye and gradients

The main coloring of the hippie world has long ago moved to the main world podiums and fits perfectly into the sunny spring-summer collections. Ideal print for those who choose everyday styles. A kind of rock’n’roll chic and a game of flowers in the form of gradients harmoniously fit into dresses, jeans and outerwear.

Complementing the spring-summer closet with fashionable novelties, do not forget about your individuality. Wear something that is comfortable and cozy for you. Favorite trend should match your type of figure and emphasize its advantages. In any case, experiment – this warm season will be bright!