Modern fashionistas know firsthand about the urban style of Sal. It is a combination of light carelessness, relaxedness, convenience and originality. The trendy street style can be described with similar words. But if there are at least small, but restrictions in Cajul, the street style ignores all accepted norms. It combines aesthetics and freedom, makes the image interesting, but not appealing.

We have selected several fashionable techniques that will help you create a stylish street style image.

Stockings Boots

For several seasons in a row such boots are considered a permanent hit of street fashion. A low stocking will fit perfectly under short jeans or pants. Ragged boots from the knee and above are more combined with miniskirts, shorts, short dresses and long sweaters. This elastic shoe completely repeats the curves of the legs. If the boots-stocking sit perfectly and only emphasize the beauty and elegance of the legs, then they definitely have a place in your closet!

Laces around your ankle

Such a technique can safely be called a life jack for a fashionable image. Lacing in the manner of pointe will add a touch of style to any everyday outfit. The sporty image will become more feminine, and the classic one will be a little careless. This zest in the outfit emphasizes the beauty of the ankles and attracts the eyes of the opposite sex.

The shoelaces can be wrapped on a bare leg or on top of pants. Most often fashionistas do this with sneakers, sneakers or shoes. Optionally, the shoelace can be matched to the tone of closed shoes and just tie it to the ankle.

Leather shirt

Leather products always make the image more daring and bold, whether it’s skirt, dress or shorts. This season’s trend is the shirt. It can be worn in almost any combination. Leather shirt will look interesting with loose jeans, leather skirt or pants, as well as with classic pants or skirt with an inflated waist. The strap can emphasize the waist, and romantic accessories make the image more elegant and feminine.

Print Mixing

Street style has its own character, but does not recognize boundaries and limits. So you can safely combine a skirt with floral print and blouse with a colorful geometry. The main thing in this outfit is not to look vulgar and to emphasize your proportions. Do not forget that the bright patterns visually make the figure bigger. Another nuance is that this image is not always suitable for work and office, but it fits perfectly into the street style!


Layering was in fashion almost always, but it becomes especially popular in the demi season. The main difficulty of the outfit is not to look too cumbersome. Denim jackets, clasps, shirts and vests – all of this can be worn at the same time, but you should pay attention to the texture of fabrics, colors, so that the image turns out to be interesting and not overloaded. Do not forget that despite the number of clothes, the main thing is to make you feel comfortable!

Leggins + skirt

Previously, such a combination was found in dance or sports, but now firmly established in the everyday closet of fashionistas! Leggings can be with a bright print, made under the denim or in a classic monochrome. Contrast is suitable for a party, and monochrome – for the office.

The skirt can be of different lengths: mini, and to the ankles, depending on the image you need – youth or business. And it’s worth remembering that the legions fully repeat the silhouette, so be sure to take into account the features of your figure.

Suits or jackets in men’s style

Wear a men’s suit is as feminine as possible. If a jacket with overlapping shoulders, then high heels, and if a bow tie – it means ruby lipstick. At the same time, from the men’s clothing can only be styled. Bright raspberry jacket, canary suit or caged jacket look quite romantic and interesting.

Volume Sleeves

Blouses, shirts, sweater and tops – the basic details of the closet. But if you replace the standard with a version with volumetric sleeves, their life and your image will flirt with new colors. You can wear such stylish clothes both in the office and at festive events. The main thing here is to choose the right accessories and elegantly complete the image in a street style.